“Feelings are real but not reality”

Dance and Concept: Hannah Krebs Dance: Judith Förster Music: Kelis- Milkshake, Ludwig Wittbrodt- Dschungel der Gefühle, Ludwig Wittbrodt- Prélude, All Desserts Filled With Water   This duet circulates around the core norms of girlhood. It investigates in the relation between internalized misogony and the reclamation of symbols, gestures, words. Through re- adapting language, symbols and fashion […]

“No title yet, but if you know one please write me” 2023

This solo appeared out of a period of chronic pain on my skin. It is a first attempt to use a body condition for a somatic exploration and I would rather describe it as a work-in-progress as I have not defined it’s final destination yet. It deals with the fact of being in the body […]

4ever waiting 4u (2023)

Dance and Choreography: Hannah Krebs Costume & Outside eye: Martin Sieweke Music: Mandy Pixel (aka Suzanne Cleerdin) Mentors: Alix de Morant, Volmir Cordeiro Thank you to: Samir Kennedy, Clara- Marie Müller, Saphir Belkeir Support of the Centre Choreographique Montpellier CCN Suddenly it happened, you are in this waitingroom and it is filled with a preassumption. […]

I know you can make it good

Solo on a treadmill/ fixed media Dance and choreography: Hannah Krebs Premiere 6.3.2020 at Akademie der Künste der Welt /The continuing warming of the earth is also thawing the “eternal ice” in the Antarctic: Permafrost soils have stored vast amounts of greenhouse gases. When these are released, the atmosphere continues to heat up and the […]

Thinking rational (that´s rational)

Choreography and Dance: Hannah Krebs Dramaturgy: Shiraz Amar 29.9.2019 at Insert Female Artist Festival Diving into a fictional creature, that has morphed into a monster, because of the consisting inequality of the gender pay gap. Thinking rational (that´s rational):   

I have seen your face on better days

Choreography and dance: Hannah Krebs Dramaturgy: Lena Kunz Dance: Shiraz Amar, Alexander Talts and Philipp Hansen at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (2018) WELD Stockholm (2018) Tanzhaus NRW (2019) (Special thanks and danced also by: Selina Koch, Paulina Jürgens, Alina Reißmann, Mira Plikat and Edith Keller) All alone in the moonlight I can’t dream of the […]

Reconstruction of Memories (2018)







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