I know you can make it good

Solo on a treadmill/ fixed media Dance and choreography: Hannah Krebs Premiere 6.3.2020 at Akademie der Künste der Welt /The continuing warming of the earth is also thawing the “eternal ice” in the Antarctic: Permafrost soils have stored vast amounts of greenhouse gases. When these are released, the atmosphere continues to heat up and the […]

Thinking rational (that´s rational)

Choreography and Dance: Hannah Krebs Dramaturgy: Shiraz Amar 29.9.2019 at Insert Female Artist Festival Diving into a fictional creature, that has morphed into a monster, because of the consisting inequality of the gender pay gap. Thinking rational (that´s rational):   

I have seen your face on better days

Choreography and dance: Hannah Krebs Dramaturgy: Lena Kunz Dance: Shiraz Amar, Alexander Talts and Philipp Hansen at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (2018) WELD Stockholm (2018) Tanzhaus NRW (2019) (Special thanks and danced also by: Selina Koch, Paulina Jürgens, Alina Reißmann, Mira Plikat and Edith Keller) All alone in the moonlight I can’t dream of the […]


Collaboration with Joana Kern “LETS TALK ABOUT THE REAL SHIT”- is a series where we discuss via Zoom certain issues in the dance world. It is about sharing knowledges and experiences in our daily job life. Usually once per month we come up with a topic like:  How do you feel when you have a […]

‘Finding Spaces for Care’ Inkubator Residency at Tanzfaktur Köln Sept. 2020- June 2021

in Collaboration with Hannah Sampé and Philipp Hansen Ausgehend von dem Gedanken, dass das radikale Praktizieren von Liebe, Fürsorge und Achtsamkeit (sich selbst und anderen gegenüber) in einer Gesellschaft wie unserer heutzutage eine subversive Handlungist, welcheimbesten Falle dazu beiträgt, patriarchale Strukturen zu unterwandern und uns mehr Freiheit und Selbstermächtigung schenkt, fragen wir uns: Wie können […]

“Pain Mirrors” 2019 in Collaboration with Thea Soti:

PAIN MIRRORS THEA SOTI AND HANNAH KREBS Premiere 12.5.2019 Quartier am Hafen Köln You can take rest, but you will always be there. You can go on holiday, but there´s no holiday from your body. This body is not private. It got political the day, you have realised that you are a woman. Or, was […]

“Age of Curse” by Chikako Kaido (2019)

“Just before falling” by El Cuco Pojekt 2020

“No President. A Story Ballet of Enlightenment in Two Immoral Acts” by Nature Theater of Oklahoma 2018-2025

Reconstruction of Memories (2018)







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